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Peter Thomas Senese: I CARE Foundation 2012 Year In Review

A Special Message To The Incredible Parenting Writers Who Assisted The Foundation
The I CARE Foundation would like to pay particular tribute to the incredible group of parenting writers/bloggers who answered our desperate plea for helping to raise awareness and steward our message concerning the gravity of international parental child abduction and trafficking.  It was through the messages that each of you shared on your wonderful, diverse, and most insightful websites that the I CARE Foundation assisted an incredible number of families in crisis, including helping to reunite dozens of kidnapped children with their families.  I speak for everyone at the foundation when I express to each of you that without your help literally dozens of children we did assist would never have found us, and, unquestionably, the information you shared has helped expotentially so many more families.   When reading the 2012 Year In Review, know that you played a very big part in what we achieved. 

The I CARE Foundation's 2012 Year In Review

What began with a personal promise I made during the time I was Chasing The Cyclone of international child abduction to one day make a difference for children and their families targeted for severe abuse in the form of the inhumane act of international parental child kidnapping (IPCA) came to reality in 2012 with the commencement of the non-profit International Child Abduction Research & Enlightenment Foundations, Inc's (the I CARE Foundation) extensive, measurable operations working to prevent abduction and trafficking, and along the way, becoming heroes to children by creating more than a few miracles.
In reflection of all the positive things the I CARE Foundation has accomplished, the reality is that IPCA is spreading rapidly, hundreds of thousands of children each year are targeted for cross-border kidnapping each year, the majority of children who are abducted never come home, and tragically the vast majority of all children of abduction face serious short-term and long-term problems, including the threat of filicide (parental child-murder) and post-abduction suicide. These conditions prevail despite IPCA being a criminal act of kidnapping in accordance to federal laws. To put it mildly, we must do more.  Considerably more. Still, the I CARE Foundation's first full year of operations has had a significant positive impact on many as shared below. And on this note, I would like to express on behalf of the foundation my sincere thanks to all the incredible individuals who assisted  in our stewardship and organizational mission.
It is not easy to think about nor write about a young child being murdered, nor is it easy to think about an emotionally battered and abused adult who was once a child-victim of abduction committing suicide because of post-abduction side effects, but it is a reality, and undeniably, it is a reality of IPCA. 
International parental child abduction is simply not a criminal act of kidnapping and abuse, but a malicious act that could lead to a targeted child victim's death. IPCA's malignant tentacles target's innocence's life.
I know I speak for everyone at the I CARE Foundation when I say fighting to protect that innocent child is worth everything. And that includes the occasion threats and attacks received by kidnappers.
In my capacity as the Founding Director of the I CARE Foundation, I and the foundation's directors, advisers, friends, and supporters join other advocates and organizations who act as steward-advocates sharing the message that IPCA is a serious, highly abusive, and inhumane crime against innocent children that leads to the destruction of life.
Reality is that each American and Canadian citizen is only three degrees of separation from knowing a child who has been kidnapped. 
How big of an epidemic is it?
Consider this: in the United States it is measurably forecast that there will be between 100,000 and 125,000 American children internationally kidnapped by one parent from another.  In Canada this number ranges from 15,000 to 20,000 children.  Mexico is expected to see approximately 45,000 to 60,000 children abducted.   That's between 160,000 and 205,000 innocent children in North America who will be criminally abducted abroad, and who are at risk of a fate of no-return.
The number of children being returned to their country of original jurisdiction - their home - is glaringly low and is measurably forecast at roughly 10%.  The 10% return number could actually be considerably lower because, in contrast to the U.S. Department of State's reported return numbers, the I CARE Foundation contests that the DOS numbers are extraordinarily inaccurate with respect to the overall picture of IPCA because their reported cases of abduction and reported return numbers do not consider the number of unreported cases of abduction, nor the reality that there is a projected 0% return of abducted children who are not reported to the DOS's Office of Children's Issues.  With respect to unreported cases of IPCA, the extensive, highly distributed report written by Carolyn Vlk and me titled 'Crisis In America' measurably forecasts the number of unreported cases of IPCA in America appear to range from 100% to 125% of all reported cases of IPCA to the DOS. Due to the immigration influx in Canada, unreported cases of IPCA appear to be on par with the U.S. forecast.
Similar to North America, European and South American IPCA is dramatically on the rise and appears to be on par with North America. 
In addition, in Asia cases of child abduction and human trafficking remain a glaring and unthinkable issue as exemplified by China's outrageous reality of child slavery and trafficking in that country as illustrated by the December 24th, 2012 arrest of 355 traffickers, including a large number of police officers who ran child abduction rings in that country.  In fact, over the past 3 years China has reunited over 50,000 trafficked children with their parents.  An impressive reunification number at first glance, but in truth one that pales in comparison to the number of children brought into the dark world of abduction and slavery.   China is not alone, as this problem is widespread in most Asian countries.
Speaking of Asia, Japan, one of the West's biggest trading partners and allies remains a black hole of international parental child abduction.  Here is the reality of the West's biggest alley: children who are abducted to Japan by a Japanese national do not ever come home.  And today, there are hundreds of American and Canadian children who are illegally held in Japan by a parent who has kidnapped them.
With keen eyes focused on how we may protect children from a nightmarish fate of IPCA, the I CARE Foundation has launched a series of research studies and legislative initiatives, while voluntarily working where possible to help families in crisis.
What Needs To Be Done
Several noticeable issues going into 2013 need to be prioritized.  They include but are not limited to:
  1. Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction inbound member-state signatories need to adhere to the spirit of the international treaty and act to expeditiously decide on litigation concerning the return of the child.
  2. Courts in signatory member-states must act fairly and without bias so the international treaty is upheld.
  3. Judges in courts all over the world who preside over IPCA cases must be well-trained on all matters of IPCA, including the reality that abduction is a severe and abusive crime against a child that enables an abductor to further abuse a child during the time litigation brought by a targeted parent occurs. Furthermore, courts and their judges must act to counter-balance any stall tactics implemented by an abductor or their legal counsel as such activity is often implemented to strategically financially break the chasing parent due to the extreme cost chasing parents face when trying to reunite with their kidnapped child.  Of course, the courts must enforce the universally recognized notion amongst signatory nations that IPCA is extreme abuse, and extreme abuse is not in the best interest of any child.
  4. Sanctions by Hague member-nations against non-complying Hague member-nations must simply not be discussed but enacted.  The collateral damage of innocent children in lieu of other foreign policy issues should not be acceptable under any circumstance.
  5. The international community must continue to put diplomatic pressure on non-Hague signatories to become complying parties to the convention.  This includes countries such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, and Russia (most countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are not members of the Hague Convention).
  6. New state and federal laws (in Canada, provincial and national laws) geared toward child abduction and child trafficking must be created and upheld by both law enforcement and courts.
  7. In the United States, the Senate passed SR 543, which resolved that the American government and all agencies charged with a role in preventing or reuniting internationally kidnapped children use all legal remedies available to them under law to help children, including consideration of criminal prosecution of abductors and those who have aided or abetted in a kidnappers activity.  It is imperative that individuals who conspire to or actually abduct or aid in an abduction of a child are prosecuted.
  8. IPCA is a criminal act of kidnapping under the International Kidnapping Crimes Act.  The act of kidnapping of any form is an inhumane act.  Kidnappers who flee to another country must be extradited back to the country where the abduction took place.  Thus, it is critical that new agreements are created between many countries that allow for extradition of parents who kidnap, which unfortunately does not exist today.
  9. Parents everywhere must be aware that IPCA is real, growing, and could potentially impact their lives, particularly in an ever-growing multi-cultural global society where individuals from different nations create relationships that result in the birth of a child, and, the prevalence of divorce in society.
  10. Hague Central Authorities and government agencies in each member-state need to have their operation's reviewed and clearly provided with greater resources necessary to support the much-needed expansion of operations required by families in crisis of abduction.  On December 14th, 2013 by virtue of U.S. Senate Resolution 543, Congress called for a full review of the U.S. Office of Children's Issues (OCI) , which has oversight for all reported cases of inbound and outbound IPCA in the United States.  Undeniably, as both knowledge and understanding of the severity and danger of IPCA has increased, and, as the number of IPCA cases has also dramatically increased, the Department of State's Office of Children's Issues  that Congress created when it affirmed to annex the Hague Convention faces exponentially more severe, diverse, and a greater number of international kidnapping cases entering into and exiting the United States.  OCI must be completely overhauled to keep up with the crisis in America that is IPCA.
  11. Continued research in the area of IPCA must be conducted.
  12. Child abduction prevention measures must be created, implemented and upheld at both the local and national level.
Clearly, there are many serious challenges ahead of us as a global-nation of concerned global-citizen advocates of children.

The work of every individual associated with the I CARE Foundation is done on a volunteer basis.

On a personal level, it is both my privilege and honor to have been able to provide much-needed resources to the I CARE Foundation, including but surely not limited to donating 100% of revenue I earned to the foundation as a best-selling author of geopolitical thrillers.

When I look back at my own personal journey racing into the storms of international parental child kidnapping, and my life as an author, I am pleased that writing Chasing The Cyclone has led to the creation of the I CARE Foundation and the many miracles that have been created when a group of individuals act selflessly, in kindness, and act by standing up for what is right: and in this case what is right in trying our best to help protect children.

As a writer, I am humbled that my work writing the deeply inspired story that is Chasing The Cyclone has been called by others in the media as 'Creating Miracles Through A Book'.

There is no question there is a great amount of work that needs to be done to help children of IPCA.  We are reminded each day of the great need to educate, reform, and assist where we can.  The accomplishments of the I CARE Foundation drive us to build upon what we have achieved, while reminding us that there is a whole lot of work ahead of us on the horizon. The following is a partial list of the I CARE Foundation's 2012 achievements.

The Accomplishments Of The I CARE Foundation
  1.  The I CARE Foundation has significantly assisted families in crisis who are located around the world and who are dealing with abduction, including playing key roles in the legal rescue and reunification of many internationally kidnapped children, including children abducted to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and North America. 
  2. The I CARE Foundation has significantly assisted numerous targeted parents prevent the criminal abduction of their child or children, while creating legal precedents in numerous courts during litigation in hope and anticipation that other children and families will be protected.
  3. The I CARE Foundation launched a successful national campaign to build an attorney network of lawyers willing to assist at-risk of abducted children, including an extensive campaign to assist recruit the U.S. Department of State build the 'Hague Convention Attorney Network'.
  4. The I CARE Foundation launched or participated in numerous legislative initiatives geared to protect children including advocating for the support of Senate Resolution 543, as well as working diligently on new laws and policy modifications associated to modifying the existing Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, and, creating a Secondary Prevent Departure Program applicable for individuals who possess U.S. Citizenship.
  5. The I CARE Foundation launched a national campaign of international parental child abduction awareness in order to raise awareness amongst parents.
  6. The I CARE Foundation continued to ensure use of the Prevent Departure Program to aid at-risk parents of abduction.
  7. The I CARE Foundation continues to build an international case law data base IPCA cases.
  8. The I CARE Foundation continues to conduct significant research and publish our findings connected with IPCA on a wide area of topics.
  9. The I CARE Foundation participated in the Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program held at the United Nations.
  10. The I CARE Foundation's internal fund-raising activity has ensured strong and progressive advocacy for 2013.
The I CARE Foundation's accomplishments have been made possible because a group of individuals cared enough to attempt to make a difference in the lives of others. 

I will be the first to admit that despite the many dozens of families who we have successfully assisted by either reuniting them with their abducted child or by assisting in preventing their child's abduction, the reality is that there are many individuals and families we have attempted to assist but have not yet been able to achieve what we have hoped for.  The truth is the complexity of IPCA is significant.

Overall, the key to stopping child abduction, child slavery, child trafficking, and child abuse is to prevent any and all of it from happening in the first place. 

The reality is that when it comes to IPCA, children who are stolen should never be viewed as being with their other parent, but instead they must be viewed as being held by a kidnapper who, as stated by numerous government agencies including the U.S. Department of Justice as likely a person who has serious and dangerous sociopathic tendencies.

Of particular note, the I CARE Foundation assisted numerous families in crisis because a group of incredible parenting writers/bloggers got involved and helped raise awareness.  On behalf of the foundation's board and advisory board, I would like to express my sincere thanks and deep appreciation.  The reality is the information shared will reach many more parents than any of us know, and more than likely will help many families we will never know or meet.  Still, you made a difference and in this, you made the world a better place.

The parents who have had a child kidnapped face undue and incredible hardship.  Few parents of abduction are reunited with their children.  However, the tide is turning, and advocates such as those associated with the I CARE Foundation and elsewhere are committed to this change. 

For those of you who have been reunited with your child, I hope that you do not walk away from this fight for children of abduction.  It is in your wisdom that you will be able to help those who continue to chase.
 And for those parents who still chase the cyclone of abduction, never give up hope and alwasy embrace your faith.  Know patience, and never think your child does not know you love them no matter how severe the parental alienation is because even though your child is a hostage of abduction, they are made of you. And as I said, the mountain of abduction is moving because parents who care are mobilizing, governments are realizing the inhumanity of IPCA and acting, and society as a whole is realizing that IPCA is a severe and dangerous act of kidnapping.

2012 was a very good first year for the I CARE Foundation organizationally.  We will be expanding our operations significantly, continue our dedicated efforts to conduct research and guide legislation and new policy that may protect children, assist families in crisis as much as possible, and continue our stewardship of raising social awarenss of IPCA in hope children and their parents will be protected.

To all of you who supported the I CARE Foundation's activity, and to all of you who we have worked with, or who we may work with in the future, we wish you great success in all of your endeavors in the coming 2013 New Year.

On behalf of everyone here at the I CARE Foundation, I wish you God's Blessings for a Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful 2013 New Year.


Peter Thomas Senese
Founding Director
The I CARE Foundation

Friday, December 28, 2012

I CARE Foundation Prepares New Study On Parental Alienation and Suicide Amongst Targeted Victims of Child Abduction

One of the greatest issues lacking in the world of domestic and international parental child abduction is the failure to have qualified research conducted in this area on a plethora of issues, including how abduction combined with parental alienation may lead to suicide amongst child-victims turned adult.

The seriousness and gravity of this issue must be further scrutinized because of the significant side effects of abduction, parental alienation, and crime-victim related abuse . . . remember, children scorched by abduction, alienation, or both are victims of many crimes ranging from kidnapping to neglect.  Yet many children go untreated in the aftermath or the ordeal that attempts to strip away their identity.

The International Child Abduction Research and Enlightenment Foundation (herein referred to as 'The I CARE Foundation') is dedicated to assisting children and their families from the horrible and inhumane crimes of malicious international parental child abduction (herein referred to as 'IPCA').  For clarity and understanding, IPCA is a criminal act of kidnapping under federal and national laws in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere.

Part of the I CARE Foundation's mission is to conduct research in the area of IPCA, publish our findings, and use our findings to help guide new public policy that will benefit at-risk children and their families.

But what is it that we are really fighting against?

There are multiple facets to this answer, but all surround around the intent to prevent high-caliber child abuse, and this includes fighting against child-murder (filicide), and tragically, suicide my adults who were previously child-victims of IPCA.

It is important not to forget that children who are victims of IPCA are in fact crime victims - and crime victims of kidnapping.  The reality that they are victimized by a parent exponentially magnifies the trauma and abuse, as demonstrated by Dr. Nancy Faulkner's highly distributed report stating that parental child abduction is child abuse.  Dr. Amy Baker, who is one of the world's leading experts on parental alienation, not only reiterates the abuse of alienation and its widespread tenticles during international parental child abduction in her brilliant publication 'Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome', but further states that alienation and abduction cause for a child to lose their identity and in doing so, lose themselves, thus developing alarming long-term side affects of IPCA trauma. 

Filicide has been an alarming issue that has recently become brought to society's attention due in great part to the work of  Dr. Phillip Resnick, director of forensic psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University, who is one of the world's leading experts on filicide.  However, up until now, there have been no published reports on IPCA and suicide though an assortment of surveyed therapist who specialize in IPCA have expressed alarm over the existence of adult suicides by IPCA child-victims.

Now, IPCA is not a new phenomena; however, it is one that over the past 20 years has grown dramatically and has by the very nature of the number of abductions here in the United States, in Canada, and worldwide become a frightening epidemic that is undeniably destroying many lives.

The I CARE Foundation's efforts as an organization dedicated to conducting research and studies in the area of IPCA is critical to society today particularly since there has been limited new studies conducted despite the reality that it is expected that as many as 100,000 to 125,000 American and as many as 20,000 Canadian children will be victims of IPCA.

Sadly, we are deeply concerned about IPCA and filicide - when a parent murders their child.  Previous studies conducted, including those conducted by the RCMP have demonstrated that the instability of a parental child abductor is severe, and that children of abduction have been murdered by their parent because of the irrational and dangerous thinking connected to abduction that "If I can't have my child, then nobody will."

How widespread is filicide?  Several hundred children each year will be murdered by their parents each year in America, and proportionately, the number of Canadian children victims are on par with the population ratio of American to Canada.

After much discussion with leading therapists who specialize in IPCA, filicide, suicide, and family crisis issues including parental alienation, and having these mental health specialist express great, universal concern with respect to IPCA, PA, PAS, and suicide, the I CARE Foundation will be overseeing a new study that focuses on post-child abduction and suicide from targeted children.  Our study will include significant research in the area of parental alienation activity and how this relates to suicide.

Of great concern is the fact that many reported psychological conditions that exist with individuals who have committed suicide have been reported to exist with individuals who have been previously abducted or abusively alienated by a parent.

The I CARE Foundation will be providing updates on this issue: however, one thing is certain, and that is that there appears to be a clear correlation between suicide and IPCA.

Lastly, if you are a parent considering abduction, please do not.  The effects on your child are long-lasting and severe.


Peter Thomas Senese
Founding Director
The I CARE Foundation

For more information on international parental child abduction, please visit:

Monday, December 24, 2012

Peter Thomas Senese: The Miracles of Peter Pan Within All Of Us

There are no words that could explain the complex feelings that swelled in my heart yesterday causing a tireless current of various emotions that push and pull at my being.  This feeling is not new, but one that is rather familiar.  It is both sustaining and alarming.  And like most things that cause an array of emotions, the feelings that hold me are magnified because of my own personal experiences with the events of the day.

All of you know me as Peter Thomas Senese, an author and advocate of children.  But you see, many of the children I am dedicated to see me not as the adult that I try so hard not to be, but for who I am in spirit:  Peter Pan -fighter of the dragon that tries to steal life in the form of cancer or some other nasty disease.

And yesterday, was one of those  incredibly special days that my inner Peter Pan had taken flight and visited many children in the hospital who were in the midst of their own fight with the dragon.

Fighting the dragon of cancer is something I am not new to.  You see, I have had a share of cancer fights that over the years caused tumors to grow in areas of my body.  In fact, I was diagnosed with a disease long ago that had a low survival rate, and chances were that my life-span was expected to be limited because of the high mortality rate of my cancer disease. 

Well, my diagnosis of 15 years ago that included making sure I got my 'affairs' in order missed one important mark: I'm still here, extremely healthy, and a Conqueror of Cancer.  In fact, the genetic testing of the gene strain that caused my very complex form of cancer to occur . . . and keep coming back is now gone from my body.  Seriously: the dragon that ravaged my body is gone. 

And if you didn't know that I fought the dragon on numerous occasions, then chances are that you would not know of my many battles because my body is strong, my scars have healed, and by no means have I become anything less than a warrior who shares with others wisdom I have learned and gained about how to see the magic in life, and how to use this magic to fight the dragon.

I know that the time I live here on this planet really is a gift.

I know that the wisdom I gained fighting a disease that by all odds, was suppose to take my life in a cruel way, but failed, has helped many others.

I know the precious value of celebrating life and seeing the magic.

And I know that the Peter Pan in me allows me to talk to children in a way that they understand.

So on days like yesterday, my inner Peter Pan takes flight and visits children who fight the dragon.

My visits to an assortment of hospitals are incredible journeys.  I have now traveled for 13 years.  Each year I learn many new things, yet I am reminded of many of the same wonderment's that existed or were taught the year before, including most importantly that life's magic and embracing this magic is the key to happiness.

My support to find a cure for cancer has been steadfast for well over a decade.  I am quite proud that I have been able to find a way in my own life to be able to provide resources to help fight cancer, while also being able to assist others who fight the fight.

Yesterday, I had a chance to visit two New York City area hospitals that specialize in treating children with life-threatening illnesses. 

It is a day I look forward to more than any other day of the year, though my visits to hospitals occur several times a year. 

Perhaps the difference is that on this day I travel with many cool gifts that originate from the spirit of Neverland . . . gifts carefully saved for throughout the year by me and a few of my friends from Neverland.

And though I look forward to my visit, truth is fighting cancer or any life-threatening illness is not easy for anyone, yet alone for a child and their family.

Yet, I know first-hand just how important it is for anyone in the midst of the fight to 'Think of Happy Thoughts' ... because happy thoughts allows your spirit to fly and soar - and fight! And few know the importance of 'Happy Thoughts' more than Peter Pan.

My day was filled with a great amount of laughter. 

For whatever reason, God allowed me to become a gifted storyteller capable of sharing enchanting stories with children. 

And so my day, joined by my dear friend Patricia (Tinkerbell) and Fred (Twister), was filled with sharing stories that grasped at the children's and their parents' hearts.   And we were so blessed because along the way we recruited a wonderful group of 'Lost Adults' as I called them from Iowa who came to New York on a ministry to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Pastor Rick, Jane, Jenna, and Debbie had no idea what they were getting into when they stepped in the elevator, but we were sure glad they did because they were so incredibly helpful in so many ways.  New friends were made that shared something so incredible.

Sometimes I would enter a room and look around and say, "Hey, you're in my old bed!" While other times, I would introduce myself by saying in a low voice, "Hi, I'm Peter Pan. And I came to see you from Neverland.  And I have some presents for you from the Lost Boys and Girls. Do you think the adults can see me?" Or, "I'm Peter Pan, and I'm looking for someone who wants to come on an adventure and help me fight Captain James C. Hook.  Are you interested in an adventure?" 

For whatever the reason, the children I was blessed to visit appeared to connect with me.

There were stories told, really cool presents opened, prayers said, jokes told, and trust . . . a lot of trust.  You see, when I told the children that I fought the cousin of the dragon that they were fighting and beat him, they became very interested in what I had to say.

It was then that the room became very small, and it felt as if it was just me and one of my new pals.  And for the few minutes that we were locked in together, I allowed them to touch one of the scars on my head, and to feel the tight-ball of a muscle of my bicep, and to listen to my words of encouragement.  And during this time, I explained some things that were so important, including how important it was for them to find their 'Happy Thoughts' all the time. 

I can't begin to share with you the depth of what was given to me yesterday.  Truth is for as much as I may have shared, it was the children that gave so much to me. 

Hope is the most powerful tool in the world.  When we learn to see the magic around us, we are able to see and embrace hope.  When we embrace hope, our lives become enriched.

Faith is a very important part of my own life.  In my faith, of course I questioned often why God would allow for these children to go through what they are.  It was a similar set of questions I asked often during the time when one of my young family members had to fight the dragon (successfully).

Words the express my hope that the men and women who dedicate their lives to finding a cure for cancer travel with God speed on their quest could never be properly expressed.  I am in awe of those individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping find cures to all diseases, and have been blessed to know over the years some of the world's leading genomic scientist who get up every day trying to make a difference.

But most of all, in the eyes of these amazing children I had the great privilege of visiting with yesterday, I saw the hope of mankind and the goodness that exists in each of us.

The lessons these children shared with me are lessons I will continue to embrace.  One of which I would like to share with you:

We all have the ability of making a positive difference in the life of another.  The magic of life is clearly found when we act compassionately.

Sadly, it would be unrealistic for me to think that all the children I met with yesterday will overcome the challenges they face.  My heart really does cry out in pain and sorrow; however, I try to take solace in knowing that the God I believe in does have a plan for each and every person.  And I am smart enough to know that I do not have the capacity to understand all that God has in store for each of us.  The heaviness of my heart is tempered by my belief in Heaven.  I learned a long time ago I am not afraid of dying here . . . in fact, for a few seconds of my own life, during the time when I had the tumor in my noggin and was receiving experimental therapy treatment, my own heart did stop.  And as I just said ... I do believe in Heaven.

My wish for each of you is that you embrace each and every moment of life.  Life really is filled with magic.  It appears that it comes down to how each of us decides to see.

I ask that you keep in your prayers all individuals who are not in good health, particularly children, because God really does listen.

Also, I decided not to share any photographs here out of respect for the privacy of the new friends I made yesterday.  Understandably, some parents have a hard time pictures, particularly if their child is undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy.

And as for me . . . my 'Peter Pan' will continue to guide my life.

Merry Christmas To All Of You . . . And Remember, "Embrace Hope, Know Faith . . . And Think Happy Thoughts'.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Clear International Parental Child Abduction Scheme In The Works

A short while ago I got off the telephone with a tearful grandfather who shared with me details concerning his daughter's children, his grandchildren, and what is clearly a planned international parental child abduction.

As I, along with many international parental child abduction prevention activists from all over the world have been saying, Christmas is the time of year when many children are internationally abducted.

Here's a little piece of what has gone on:

1.  The couple divorced a year ago after the husband was found having multiple affairs.
2.  The mother has full custody of the children.
3.  The father has bi-monthly visitation.
4.  Mom is a U.S. citizen.
5.  The father has duel citizenship, including citizenship from a country in South America not on best terms with the U.S.
6.  The father recently sold his home without informing his ex-wife, which is a violation of the custody order.
7.  The father is now very liquid.
8.  The father has sold his two cars.
9.  The father has traveled to his country of origin often.
10. The father may have non-U.S. passports for his children as they have duel citizenship.
11.  The father was supposedly taking them on a vacation, however, the grandfather literally called every hotel in the area they were supposedly traveling to and were not able to find a reservation in the children's father's name.
12.  The father has previously made threats to the children's mother that she would one day not see his children again.
13. The father is a computer consultant with no permanent employment ties, has limited material possessions, his highly liquid, and is a citizen of a foreign country.
14.  And he is expected to pick up the girls on Monday.

Am I very concerned?  You bet.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


                     Christmas Is High-Season For International Parental Child Abduction
It is a known fact that many children around the world are internationally abducted by one parent from another during the Christmas Holiday Season.   Unfortunately, it is also a known fact that many targeted parents of abduction have never heard of international parental child abduction and are not aware of the warning signs of abduction and what to do if abduction is imminent. 
Families that are considered high-risk for international abduction include those where there a strained relationship between individual participants from a cross-cultural marriage (parents born in two different countries) whereas one of the parents has strong ties to another country, and have limited ties (such as financial assets) to the country where they are presently living in with the child and the child's other parent (or in existing divorce or separation cases, when the other parent is actively involved in the child's life). 

How It Works

In many instances of cross-border parental child abduction that occurs during the holiday season, generally the largest number of incidents takes place when one parent travels to another country with their child or children of a relationship accompanied by, or with the initial consent of the other parent. 

Generally, the travel takes place under a guise of a holiday trip abroad to visit family members of the parent intending to abduct. Of course, the targeted parent is clueless as to what is really going on.

So for example, Father X was born and raised in the Middle East but married Woman Y, who is an American citizen. The couple lives in the United States, where their child was born and raised.

Unknown to the woman in the relationship, the husband wants to end the relationship and relocate back to his country of origin back in the Middle East. However, he has one problem: he knows that his wife will never allow for him to legally take the child with him.

The World Turned Upside Down
So instead of announcing his true intent to separate, the husband will create critically important misdirection. Meaning, he will do everything possible to make his wife believe that he is happy and committed in the relationship.

I did say everything possible.


Because it is critical that she put her guard down and not suspect any foul play or scheme.

In the meantime, little things - that are really big things - may be taking place visibly or without knowledge of the targeted parent. There are many warning signs to look for, but if the subtleties are not carefully considered, then the would-be abductor will get away with their plan.

So the husband who is intending to abduct the child by wrongfully detaining the child abroad will continue to create a facade of being happily married and committed to the relationship while carefully laying out a plan to get the child abroad.

Eventually, and right about this time of the year, the would-be abductor makes the suggestion that it would be 'great' or 'nice' or 'meaningful' to travel abroad together or without the other parent (depending on reasonable circumstances) in order to see his parents, siblings, and extended family. And of course, all of this is in the best interest of the child of the partnership.

Now, since the wife may believe the husband is committed to their relationship and does not even consider that he may have intent to not return to their marital home, she more than likely is willing to consent to the holiday vacation.

Unfortunately for the mother and child, the trip takes place.

Unknown to both, the parent intending to abduct has already hatched a well-thought out plan, including what may be necessary to keep the child abroad while removing the other parent's rights to the child abroad.

Everything is deception - and everything must be considered.

For example: the husband may ship certain belongings like a crib or a stroller and other items of the child that may create the appearance the other parent knew he was relocating - and gave consent! Or, he may have begun to move his assets abroad.

Once abroad with his wife and child, the would-be abductor may make false accusations of child or spousal abuse (men and women both claim abuse in cases of of planned abduction), claims of drug use, or any other claim that may indicate that the child is at risk.

By stating the child is at risk, this could potentially allow a local court in the foreign country to grant him immediate custody of the child - even though the child's original jurisdiction is in the country they were born and raised. In addition, in cases where a Hague Application may be filed, the abductor has laid ground for an Article 13 Defense (which revolves around the best interest of the child and is also known as the 'Slander Defense'). In nearly every case of abduction, the parent intending to abduct has cleverly orchestrated a public defamation campaign against the other parent - one that is typically concealed under the veil of anonymity.  Additionally, there are malicious and untruthful claims of spousal or child abuse made (by both men and women, equally).

If it sounds complicated, it is.

It is important for individuals married or in a relationship with partners who originate from non-Hague countries such as those located in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East to understand that if you are traveling to nations located in these areas and the other parent intends to not return to the child to the country of original jurisdiction, there is a very good chance they will be successful in keeping the child abroad . . . and your contact will be limited or absolved completely. Additionally, it is important to pay careful attention to Hague-Convention non-complying countries such as Germany, Brazil, Mexico, and Poland.

Of course, if you ever plan to travel abroad and have been involved in a suspicious or strained relationship, please contact an attorney who is familiar with international parental child abduction prevention.

Additionally, I strongly advise you consider obtaining a court order prior to travel that the child is to be returned. However, remember - in countries that are not members of international treaties regarding abduction or do not comply to such said treaties - if a child is taken - it will be very costly and difficult to bring your child home.

So - if you have any suspicion that abduction might be planned - and this time of year is the planning period for the high number of Christmas Holiday Abductions that occur - s eek the advice of a qualified lawyer - and do not let your child travel abroad under any circumstances. 
 Please pay attention to the warning signs and act now!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Honor The Lives Of The Victims Of Newton By Signing The DEMAND A PLAN TO END GUN VIOLENCE . . . PLEASE


The overwhelming sadness and concern our nation feels in the aftermath of the tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy that took place in Newton, Connecticut should be equally measured by all individuals with intolerance of a lack of gun control and ammunition laws that will protect against the insanity of these unthinkable, incomprehensible events from happening again.

As we mourn the murder of the 20 young, innocent children, the taking of life of 6 defenseless educators, and the deadly assault of a mother who died at the hands of her child who she spent her life trying to help - as we grieve for the families who have suffered due to this mass murder - and as we recall the many innocent lives who were victims of murder by firearms, we must create a widespread and sweeping plan that will be directed at significantly lowering the 48,000 American citizens who are expected to be murdered by a gun during the upcoming next four years of President Obama's presidency.

The I CARE Foundation supports New York City Mayor Bloomberg and the scores of hundred's of mayors from around the nation who support the I DEMAND A PLAN and the MAYORS AGAINST ILLEGAL GUNS.  We thank and support Hizzoner's commitment to limit ease and access to guns because guns are the instrument that people use to kill.

It is unthinkable that nearly 48,000 American children will be murdered by a gun over the next 4 years.

It is unthinkable that nearly 125,000 American children will be murdered by a gun over the next 10 years.

It is incomprehensible to accept that the entire population of cities such as Simi Valley, Hartford, Ann Arbor, Flint, Cedar Rapids, East Los Angeles, Topeka, Stamford, Vallejo, or Springfield have less than the total expected number of murdered American's over the next ten years by the bullet of a gun.

It is unacceptable to think that the expected number of gun-related murders is equal to three entire professional baseball stadiums filled with cheering fans dying due to some cataclysmic event.

As we mourn all those who lost their life in Newton, Connecticut and as we remember the murder victims everywhere - not just those innocent lives who lost their life due to a mass-targeting - but everyone - the I CARE Foundation Demands a Plan.

We support all new laws that will prohibit the sale or possession of assault rifles.

We support all new laws that will prohibit the sale of all ammunitions designed to take human life, including bullets designed to pierce body armor.

We support all new laws and measures that will protect law enforcement officers in their line of duty.

We support new federal initiatives that would utilize technology to ensure that a firearm cannot be used unless the fingerprints of the user match the license use of the specific firearm.

We support the I DEMAND A PLAN initiative because, as child advocates fighting day-in and day-out to protect innocent children from international kidnapping and trafficking, we seek to celebrate life and each person's right to pursue happiness.

We can't imagine that it would take the immediate loss in totality of every individual living in a mid-sized American city such as those mentioned above for our nation's leaders to act.

Senator Feinstein
We support California Senator Feinstein's plan to reintroduce legislation to ban assault weapons.  We take the honorable Senator's words optimistically when she said that, "“I’m going to introduce in the Senate and the same bill will be introduced in the House, a bill to ban assault weapons. It will ban the sale, the transfer, the importation and the possession. Not retroactively but prospectively. And it will ban the same for big clips, drums or strips of more than 10 bullets. So there will be a bill. We’ve been working on it now for a year.” 

Senator Schumer
We take note that New York State Senator Charles Schumer that Congress "Could get something done," but only if the paradigm of the debate shifts. He said gun control advocates on the left must acknowledge that the Second Amendment allows the right to bear arms and that the right must stop engendering fear in gun owners that the gun control advocates want to take away all guns.

Schumer said his proposals would not interfere with the Second Amendment but would offer protections. He proposes a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban, a limit to the size of clips available for purchase and restrictions placed on the mentally unstable from obtaining guns.
We take note with hopeful optimism that the words "These tragedies must end," and that "We can't tolerate this anymore" spoken by President Obama will lead to a sweeping plan.
We acknowledge that the House of Representatives has year-after-year passed legislation that banned assault weapons; however, we also acknowledge that the Senate has been gridlocked.
President Obama
We urge all Senators to stop the gridlock and get something done.  We can't imagine anyone would need a semi-automatic, high velocity AR-15 Bushmaster assault rifle that is capable of letting out 30 rounds?

In honor of the memory of all who have lost their lives while being mindful of all our responsibilities to prevent the murder of more innocent lives, the I CARE Foundation is in support of the I DEMAND A PLAN Campaign and asks everyone to sign the petition urging our lawmakers to create and pass a sweeping plan that will significantly reduce the expected 125,000 Americans that will lose their life over the next 10 years on American soil by a bullet.

The I CARE Foundation
Finally, we take particular note that our society faces challenges when it comes to aiding and assisting individuals who suffer from neurological and mental health challenges, particularly individuals who, upon age of adulthood, fall out of social service support.  We recognize that this issue, similar to gun control, is complex.  Yet, in the dialogue of what tragically occurred in Newton, we believe it necessary that this issue is brought to light.

Our hearts are very heavy today, as they have been for the past few days due to the losses that have occurred.  Little said or done can ever bring back the lives of the innocent lives that were lost.  However, we can demonstrate our caring and true intent by creating new laws and policies that will stop the violence of guns. 

The Board of Directors and the Special Advisory Board of the I CARE Foundation urges everyone to please sign the I DEMAND A PLAN petition and support all initiatives that will address gun control laws.

As Hizzoner Mayor Bloomberg correctly said, "Words alone cannot heal our nation, only action can."


The school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is a tragedy beyond comprehension. You can send a message of condolence to the families here.
Working together, we can bring about meaningful, commonsense gun reform in this country. Below are ways to take action and get involved.


Join more than 300,000 Americans demanding a plan from President Obama and Congress to end gun violence. When you do, you'll also be signing up for our latest email updates. We'll email you with specific, time-sensitive actions that will make a difference.


After you sign, send the petition to your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.


Call President Obama and your members of Congress.
Tell him or her:
  • I urge you to support requiring a criminal background check for every gun buyer.
  • 40% of all gun sales are private-party sales and are not subject to a background check under Federal law.
  • We need background checks on all gun sales to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.


Mayors Against Illegal Guns is a bipartisan coalition of more than 725 mayors - representing 57 million Americans – who support common-sense gun laws.
Find out if your mayor is in the coalition HERE. If they are, thank them!
If they aren't, contact them and ask them to join by signing our Statement of PrinciplesHERE. You should mention:
  • There are 34 gun murders every day in the U.S.
  • Please join the 725+ mayors – from 43 different states – in our bipartisan coalition.
  • This is not about the Second Amendment. It’s about keeping guns out of dangerous hands.


Advocate for change on Twitter and Facebook.
Follow @maigcoalition on Twitter for the latest news on the fight to stop gun violence in this country. You should tweet about the issue and consider using the hashtag #DemandAPlan.
Facebook is a great way to reach your friends and family. Like our page and share actions and news on your own page.


Put together vigils, roundtable discussions, and rallies. Let us know what you’re up to by emailing
People of faith across the country will be hosting a Sabbath to Stop Gun Violence on the Jan. 5-6, 2013. We’ll send out more information as it becomes available.


When sending a letter to your local newspaper you might want to note:
  • More than 725 mayors – representing 57 million Americans – support common-sense gun laws. Congress should too!
  • Gun owners are also worried about illegal guns. In fact, 74 percent of NRA members agreethat we should require background checks for all gun sales.


Stay committed. With each new mass shooting, pundits and politicians like to say that now is not the time. We work alongside gun violence survivors and family members of victims. Their message is crystal clear: we cannot let moments of silence replace meaningful action. Now IS the time – and your help will make a big difference.

On Behalf of the I CARE Foundation and the organizations's board of directors and advisory board:

Peter Thomas Senese , Joel Walter, Esq., and Carolyn Vlk