Sunday, November 4, 2012

Incredible and Unthinkable Video Footage From Hurricane Sandy

FEMA Out in Rockaway - 

Disasters can bring out people to act with unthinkable behavior.  It too brings out the berst in us.

But sometimes people act like complete idiots ... seriously. 

Check out this video compilation for yourself - seriously ... none of this was done on a green screen over at Kaufman, Silver Cup, Chelsea, or Steiner studios.  

Best-selling author and I CARE Foundation
Founding Director Peter Thomas Senese
One last thing: I have announced that I am donating 100% of all my revenue generated from my various international legal thrillers to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy: 

If you're in the areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, please be safe out there.  And wherever you are, if you have the ability of helping those who have been affected, please do.

Kind wishes to all - 

Peter Thomas Senese
Best-Selling Author
Founding Director - I CARE Foundation